The Catholic University of America Press

Examination Copy & Desk Copy Policies

If a book appears to be appropriate for classroom use, CUA Press will send an examination copy upon request, provided the request is made on departmental letterhead and includes the name of the course, estimated enrollment, the semester when the course will be taught, and the instructor's office telephone number or email. Please note the following terms: hardcovers will be sent on a 60-day examination basis. The invoice accompanying the book will be canceled on proof of adoption of 10 or more copies. Otherwise, payment is to be made or the book returned in saleable condition. Paperbacks are available as complimentary copies when the request is accompanied by payment of $5.00 per title to cover postage and handling costs. Requests for paperback exam copies will be limited to no more than two titles.

One free desk copy of a book may be requested when ten or more copies have been ordered for classroom use. Requests must be on college or university department letterhead and must include the course name, semester when course next will be taught, the name of the store ordering the texts, the quantity ordered, the date of the order, and the instructor's email or office telephone number.

Requests for examination or desk copies should be sent to:
Marketing Department
The Catholic University of America Press
240 Leahy Hall
620 Michigan Avenue NE
Washington DC 20064
Or scanned and emailed to: