The Catholic University of America Press


Selected CUA Press titles are now available in e-book formats for both libraries and individuals. Select the "eBooks" button on the search page.

Individuals may purchase e-books directly from our website. When you click the shopping cart, you will be redirected to the Chicago Digital Distribution Center (CDDC).

The following licensing options are available for most of our e-books:

  • perpetual ownership at the established list price
  • 30-day license for $10.00

Features of the e-book:

  • you may read and annotate the contents of the e-book on up to six unique devices via a single ID. If you wish to gain access to the e-book from any other device, you must "return" the e-book from one or more of the original six devices.
  • you may copy and paste up to ten (10) pages from the e-book.
  • you may print up to twenty-five (25) pages from the e-book.