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Reason with Piety

Garrigou-Lagrange in the Service of Catholic Thought

Aidan Nichols

Sapientia Press

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April 2008 Out of Print

With his characteristic insight, clarity, and charity, Aidan Nichols surveys the major writings and theological intuitions of his Dominican confrere Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange (1877-1964), to whom we owe a major twentieth-century appropriation of the Thomist commentators. Originally delivered as lectures at Oxford University, the study traces Garrigou's systematic thought, from the Trinity to eschatology. Nichols attends as well to GarrigouÂ’s understanding of the nature of theology, of metaphysics, of mystical theology, and of the relation of all human acts to man's supernatural end. Demolishing the stereotypical portrait of mid-twentieth century controversies, Nichols shows that "what post-conciliar students can learn from Garrigou is how to 'reason with piety.'"

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