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Pressing Forward

Alfred, Lord Tennyson and the Victorian Age

Louis A. Markos

Sapientia Press

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June 2007 Out of Print

Sapientia Classics Series

In particular Markos reveals the significance of Tennyson's great poem In Memoriam for the transition from Romantic to Victorian literature, as well as the importance of his Idylls of the King for its refusal to accede to the Victorian myth of progress. Tennyson emerges as a strong critic of the materialistic philosophy and literature of the period.


Louis A. Markos received his doctorate from the University of Michigan and is a professor in English at Houston Baptist University. He is a C. S. Lewis scholar and the author of Lewis Agonistes: How C.S. Lewis Can Train Us to Wrestle with the Modern & Postmodern World (Broadman & Holman), The Life and Writings of C. S. Lewis (a lecture series from The Teaching Company), and From Achilles to Christ: Why Christians Should Read the Pagan Classics (InterVarsity Press). Markos has spoken widely all over the US and Oxford on topics ranging from C. S. Lewis to ancient Greece and Rome to Romantic and Victorian poetry.

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