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Teacher and Guardian of the Faith

Cardinal Avery Dulles

Sapientia Press

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Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ here offers a complete theology of the Church's Magisterium. In a study that will be the standard treatment of the topic for years to come, Cardinal Dulles takes up such issues as the Magisterium's nature and function, the roots of the Magisterium in the New Testament and its development in the history of the Church, the relationship between the hierarchy of the Church and the theological academy, the scope of the Church's infallibility, the response due to the Magisterium's teachings, and the role of the Church's reception of magisterial teaching. Written for those seeking clarity, wisdom, and erudition about the Church's Magisterium, this book stands head and shoulders above any other presently available. Its accessible style makes it a valuable not only for scholars but for all Catholics.

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