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Selected Sermons, Volume 3

Saint Peter Chrysologus
Translated by William B. Palardy

The Fathers of the Church: A New Translation (Patristic series),  Vol. 110

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This volume is the third in the Fathers of the Church series to make available selected sermons of St. Peter Chrysologus (ca. 406-50), Archbishop of Ravenna and Doctor of the Church. With its publication, all of the authentic sermons of Chrysologus are now available in English.

A gifted homilist, Chrysologus manifested great reverence for the Scriptures as divine communication and made them accessible to his congregation. Making use of imagery drawn from Ravenna's natural surroundings as well as from some of the professions occupied by members of his flock, Chrysologus explained orthodox doctrine and promoted spiritual development. The Gospels occupy the foreground in most of his sermons, yet Chrysologus allows the reader a glimpse of the daily life, religious debates, political milieu, and Christian belief and practice in mid-fifth-century Ravenna.

In this volume are several expositions of St. Paul's letters and some sermons delivered on the feast days of saints and at the consecrations of new bishops. Most of the selections, however, are homilies on texts from the four Gospels that Chrysologus interpreted throughout the year. Of particular note is his preaching on specific liturgical seasons--the end of Lent, Easter, Pentecost, the period immediately prior to Christmas, and the Christmas and Epiphany cycle.


William B. Palardy is Professor of Patristics at St. John's Seminary School of Theology in Brighton, Massachusetts.


"This volume represents all of Chrysologus's sermons now available in the English language. . . . Throughout this volume Palardy provides the reader with first rate insight . . . making this final collection of sermons by Chrysologus truly an important addition to the study of Patristics." -- Jonathan Ignatius von Kodar, Laval Theologique et Philosophique

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