The Catholic University of America Press


Distributed Presses

Sapientia Press
Sapientia Press exists to foster the academic mission of Ave Maria University. As Ave Maria University’s academic publishing imprint, Sapientia Press seeks to gain an international reputation for excellence in publishing scholarly books aimed at enhancing and promoting Catholic scholarship


American Maritain Association

The American Maritain Association is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to understanding and building upon the philosophy of Jacques Maritain. CUA Press is the exclusive distributor of AMA Publications.

Institute for the Psychological Sciences (IPS) Press

IPS Press is the publishing office of the Institute for the Psychological Sciences: A Catholic Graduate School of Psychology, which offers a thorough education and training in the science and methods of psychology as well as a coherent reflection of how a Catholic understanding of the person, marriage, and family life can be integrated with psychological studies. The Press publishes a monograph series as well as the John Henry Cardinal Newman Lecture Series. CUA Press is the exclusive distributor of IPS Press publications.

Franciscan University Press

Franciscan University Press publishes works of scholarship and poetry.  The press maintains three series: a Medieval Series, Ex Corde Ecclesiae Mediaevalis, which publishes critical editions, translations, and monographs on medieval theological subjects; a Religion and Society Series, which examines the influence of religious considerations on the shaping of society; and a Catholic Poetry Series, which publishes original works of poetry on Catholic themes.  The press also considers manuscripts in the more general areas of the intersection of science and faith, philosophy, Catholic studies with an emphasis on Franciscanism, and biblical theology.