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  • The Garden of God: This collection of Pope Benedict XVI's speeches on the evironment is a valuable resource for all those who seek to understand more fully the relationships among the environment, Catholic social teaching, and theology. Benedict has shown a clear path toward a theologically cogent concern for the planet on which we live.
  • A Catechism for Business: "The Church's social teachings are a 'best-kept secret' because they are often presented as answers without questions. Dr. Capizzi and Dean Abela have provided the questions, from the heart of the business enterprise, along with accurate but succinct responses from Catholic social doctrine. In their expert hands, the teaching has a chance to be heard." - Francis Cardinal George, OMI, Archbishop of Chicago
  • Language and Human Understanding: In rewriting the philosophy of grammar, David Braine restores the dynamic conception of language, reuniting structure and communicative function.
  • Master of Penance: This book presents the first full-scale study of the Tractatus de penitentia (C.33 q.3) in Gratian's Decretum, which became the textbook for canon law and served as the basis of the church's developing jurisprudence, in theory and in practice.
  • Breaking the Mind: This collection of sixteen new critical essays offers fresh perspectives on the Book of Steps, adding greater detail and depth to our understanding of the work's intriguing picture of early Syriac asceticism as practiced within the life of a local church and community.
  • Europe (c. 1400-1458): The present volume represents the first time this work has been translated into English, bringing its colorful narrative to the attention of a wider audience
  • Aquinas and the Cry of Rachel: John F. X. Knasas explores Thomas Aquinas's philosophical thinking about evil, and brings the results into discussion with contemporary theodices.
  • Divided Friends: In this "splendid" study by William L. Portier two sets of biographical portraits highlight the theological issues of the Modernist crisis in the 20th century.



  • We recently celebrated CUA Press's 74th birthday and University Press Week with "Bless the Press." See The Cardinal Newman Society's coverage of the event here.
  • The Catholic University of America Press is proud to announce that we have begun to offer a select number of our titles on the Barnes and Noble NOOK! The current available titles are: 

Biomedicine and Beatitude

Church, State, and Society

Introduction to Moral Theology

The Life and Pontificate of Pope Pius XII

Some Seed Fell on Good Ground

Western Creed, Western Identity

The Logic of Religion

The Trinity

Sex and Virtue

Apostolic Religious Life in America Today

The Bible on the Question of Homosexuality

Abortion and Unborn Human Life, Second Edition

The Turn to Transcendence

On the Road to Emmaus

God and Caesar

The Mind That Is Catholic

The Third Spring

Communicating Faith


  • Rev. David J. Endres is the new editor of U.S. Catholic Historian, a scholarly journal devoted to the history of the Catholic Church in the United States. The journal is published quarterly by The Catholic University of America Press and is in its thirty-first year of publication. Fr. Endres has been assistant editor of the journal since 2003.