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  • Renewing the Mind-  Reconstructs and illustrates the enduring vitality of the Catholic tradition of thinking about thinking.
  • Perfection in Death -  Compares and contrasts the relationship between conceptions of courage and death in the thought of Aquinas and his ancient philosophical sources.
  • Goal! - "A superb book on the world's favorite pasttime." - Kay Schiller, Durham University
  • A Godly Humanism - Cardinal George shares his understanding of the Church in lively, compelling prose, presenting a way to understand and appreciate the relationships of God to human beings and of human beings to one another
  • Renewing Islam by Service- Offers a theological account of the contemporary Turkish faith-based service movement started by Fethullah Gülen
  • Catholic Labor Movements in Europe - Narrates the history of industrial labor movements of Catholic inspiration in the period from the onset of World War I to the reconstruction after World War II
  • Passions and Virtue - Sketches a positive psychology of the passions as found in the biblical tradition
  • The Incarnate Lord - Considers central themes in Christology from a metaphysical perspective
  • Before Virtue - "A much needed and well-argued study of the contemporary virtue ethics movement." - Alice Ramos, St. John?s University, Queens, NY and author of Dynamic Transcendentals (CUA Press)


  • Our esteemed director, Trevor Lipscombe, has had the following article published in the Journal of Scholarly Publishing: Publishing Virtuously: Morals Matter in Building Better Books,” 07/2015; 46(4):305-320. DOI: 10.3138/jsp.46.4.01
  • The Catholic University of America Press is proud to announce that we have begun to offer a select number of our titles on the Barnes and Noble NOOK! The current available titles are: 

Biomedicine and Beatitude

Church, State, and Society

Introduction to Moral Theology

The Life and Pontificate of Pope Pius XII

Some Seed Fell on Good Ground

Western Creed, Western Identity

The Logic of Religion

The Trinity

Sex and Virtue

Apostolic Religious Life in America Today

The Bible on the Question of Homosexuality

Abortion and Unborn Human Life, Second Edition

The Turn to Transcendence

On the Road to Emmaus

God and Caesar

The Mind That Is Catholic

The Third Spring

Communicating Faith

A Godly Humanism